Book Publishing Jobs

The book publishing industry employs editors, publicists, designers, art directors, copy writers, sales representatives and more. Most of the jobs are located in the cities where the major book publishers are - such as New York City - but there are book publishers located through the U.S. Here are the latest book publishing industry jobs.

Kirkus: Freelance Book Reviewer: Kirkus has posted a job listing for a freelance book reviewer. The reviews are about 350 words long. (Job Listing)

Scholastic: Associate Editor, DynaMath: Scholastic is seeking an Associate Editor to join DynaMath, the publuisher's classroom math magazine for grade 3 through 5. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

HarperCollins is looking for an Editorial Assistant. The responsibilities include admininstrative and editorial duties, reading submissions, preparing permissions, correspondence with authors and agents and more. They are looking for someone with excellent organizational skills, excellent writing skills and a 4 year college degree. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

Macmillan is seeking an Editorial Assistant for Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martins. The responsibilities will include communicating with authors and aagents, maintaining publication schedules, writing flap copy, basic adminstrative support and more. The applicant should have excellent organizational skills and time management. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

Disney Publishing Worldwide is looking for an Assistant Editor. The editor will report to a senior level Executive Editor and work with talent acquisition and key author care. They will acquire and lead edit 2-3 books per year. They are looking for an editor with 2+ years editing experience. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

Marvel Entertainment is looking for an Editorial Intern for Fall 2019. The position includes some tasks directly related to comic book production. Experience in narrative-based media is preferred and editorial experience is desirable. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

No Starch Press is looking for an Associated Editor. The position includes substantive editing, managing relationships with authors, finding new authors and more. They are looking for an editor with a minimum of 3+ years developmental editing experience. San Francisco, CA. (Job Listing)

Penguin Random House is seeking a Nonfiction Editor. The editor will help to quickly bring nonfiction books to market. This will include analyzing trends, sourcing content, editing manuscripts and more. They are looking for someone with a minimum of 5 years of commercial trade book editorial experience. NYC. (Job Listing)

The American Library Association is seeking an Editor/Publisher for its Booklist unit. The high profile job includes directing strategic plans for the unit, overseeing new products, negotiating contracts, managing the budget and more. The salary is negotiable from $115,000. The position is located in Chicago. (Job Listing)

HarperCollins Christian Publishing is seeking a Gift Book Editor. The position includes production editing, hiring writers, style coding and more. They are looking for an editor with experience creating gift books and knowledge of popular Christian authors. The job is located in Nashville, TN. (Job Listing)

Viz Media, a manga and anime entertainment company, is looking for an editor. The job includes editing manuscripts, proofreading, working with freelancers and designers, writing catalog copy and more. They are looking for someone with 2-4 years of equivalent experience. The position is located in San Francisco, CA. (Job Listing)

W.W. Norton & Company is looking for an Editorial Assistant for its Trade Editorial Department. The entry level position is located in Norton's NYC headquarters. It includes manuscript management, reading submissions, interactive with authors, managing permissions, generating promotional copy and more. (Job Listing)

Harlequin is looking for an Editorial Assistant. The position includes providing administrative support, first reads of manuscripts, screening slush manuscripts and query letters, line-edits, revision notes and more. (Job Listing)

Barnes & Noble is seeking a Senior Editor. The Senior Editor acquires original and licensed nonfiction and illustrated titles. They also manage the editorial and production process from start to finish. The Senior Editor is also in charge of hiring and supervision freelancers. The job is located in NY. They are looking for someone with 5-7 years of experience in book publishing. You can find the job listing on

HarperCollins is seeking a Children's Book Editor. The publisher says the editor will work with influential authors in Christian publishing. Responsibilities will include managing multiple book projects, proofreading, copyediting, recruiting and hiring writers, maintaining budgets for editorial expenses and more. They are looking for an editor with 4 years as an editor or 6 years as a professional copyeditor. You can find the job listing here on the HarperCollins career site.

Hachette Book Group is seeking an Associate Editor for its Basic Books imprint. This person will be responsible for 6 to 8 titles a year, primarily in the science category. The position includes reading and evaluation submissions, editing mansuscripts, writing cover and catalog copy and more. They are looking for someone with 3 to 5 years of book publishing experience. You can find the job listing here on

Penguin Random House is seeking an Editorial Assistant/Assistant Editor. The position reports to two Executive Editors. It involves working closely with the editors on commercial fiction titles. It includes reading and evaluating manuscripts, writing catalog copy, preparing book marketing materials and more. They are looking for someone with 2 years editorial experience and excellent written and verbal communication skills. The salary is listed as $38,000. You can find the listing here on the Penguin Random House job site.

Penguin Random House is looking for a Publishing and Analytics Assistant. The employee will provide administrative support including answering phones, taking messages and disseminating information. The position also includes managing the SVP calendar. The assistant is also involved with analyzing the effectiveness of social media campaigns and marketing campaigns. Prior publishing, marketing or advertising experience is preferred. You can find the job listing here.