Journalism and Media Jobs

Journalism jobs are available nationwide but there are obviously more of them in the major cities where the most media outlets are based, such as New York City and Los Angeles. The latest media jobs for journalists and editors are listed below.

PMC is looking for freelance writers for Footwear News. They are looking for writers to cover business and retail shoe news as well as fashion and style footwear news. These positions are located in NYC. There is also a freelance position open for the publication in Los Angeles covering sneaker and sports footwear. The jobs are found in the editorial section of the PMC career site. (Job Listing)

BuzzFeed is looking for an Assignment Editor. The editor will review and edit assignments, assign stories and field assignments from contributors. They are looking for someone with 2-4 years of experience as an editor fielding pitches. They want an editor able to identify quality content. New York. (Job Listing)

StarChefs is looking for a Senior Editor. The editor will be in charge of all publishing and event programming efforts for the company. Responsibilities include managing the editorial team, leading production of Rising Stars magazines, maintaining brand voice and more. They are looking for an editor with a journalism degree and five+ years working for a trade or consumer publication. NYC. (Job Listing)

Narcity Media is looking for a Freelance Houston News Writer. The writer will create 3-5 local news stories per day. Responsibilities include researching, ptiching and wriitng local news articles. They are looking for a writer with at least six months of professional writing experience for a digital news publisher and/or a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Communications or related field. Houston, TX. (Job Listing)

Muscle & Fitness, an American Media title, is looking for a Digital Staff Writer. The responsibilities including assigning, editing, writing and brainstorming stories. It also includes writing scripts for digital video. They are looking for a writer with a minimum of four years of writing/editing experience. NYC. (Job Listing)

Fox News Channel is looking for a Freelance Writer. Fox says the write will report and write multiple stories per day. They are looking for a writer who can identify and write breaking news stories and interviews and promote stories on social media. They are looking for a writer with 3+ years of epxerience writing news stories. NYC. (Job Listing)

Elite Daily is looking for a Senior Experiences Editor. The position includes managing a small team of writers for creating horoscopes, health and wellness content. They are looking for an editor with a passion for astrology and experience working with freelancers and leading a team. NYC. (Job Listing)

Robb Report is looking for a staff writer. The position includes writing stories and features of 200 to 2,000 words. They are looking for a writer with 4 or more years of magazine or website writing experience. They would also like a writer with luxury industry experience. (Job Listing)

Zocalo Public Square, a website blending live program and journalism, is looking for an Associate Editor and Senior Editor. The associate editor will manage the Zocalo social media accounts and work on newsletter and editorial content. The jobs are located in Los Angeles. (Job Listing)

Food52 is looking for a Partner Content Editor. The position includes editing and tweaking food-related stories and recipe posts. They are looking for someone with 3-4 years of professional writing and editing experience. (Job Listing)

Worth Media Company is looking for a freelance staff writer. The writer will report to the executive editor and will writer for the Worth website, newsletters and quarterly magazine. They are looking for a writer with at least two years of experience. The job starts out at 3-5 days per week. (Job Listing)

Digital Trends iks looking for an Associate Editor, Mobile & Wearables. The editor position for the technology lifestyle brand including find and writing n ews stories in the mobile and wearables category, writing reviews, how-to pieces and more. They are looking for someone with a minimum of two years' editorial experience. (Job Listing)

Medium has four Editor-in-Chief positions for its four upcoming publications. Medium will be launching a business publication, general interest publication, health publication and a technology and science publication. The positions are located in New York or San Francisco. (Job Listing)

BuzzFeed is seeking a Freelance Copy Editor. They are looking for a copyeditor with at least two years experience copyediting in an editorial role at a magazine or website. The position includes copyediting BuzzFeed posts and videos. The freelancer will work in-house with the New York City editorial team. (Job Listing)

The Daily Word is looking for an editor for its inspirational magazine. The job includes developing and writing Daily Word messages, an Editor's letter and articles. They are looking for someone with 5 years of experience in spiritual writing and editing and direting a print publication. The position is located in Unity Village, MO. (Job Listing)

The American Library Association is seeking an Editor/Publisher for its Booklist unit. The high profile job includes directing strategic plans for the unit, overseeing new products, negotiating contracts, managing the budget and more. The salary is negotiable from $115,000. The position is located in Chicago. (Job Listing)

TheStreet is looking for a staff writer. They are looking for a writer to write about seven business, investing and market stories (300-800 words) each day. The writer will work with TheStreet's graphics and social media teams. (Job Listing)

SportsLine from CBS Sports is looking for a Staff Writer. The job includes writing multiple sports articles each day and reacting to the latest sports, sports betting and Vegas news. The job also includes helping to manage the SportsLine website. (Job Listing)

Pew Research Center is looking for a Writer/Editor. The writer will working within the Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends research team and collaborate with the team to determine questions and create research reports. The position is located in D.C. (Job Listing)

Viz Media, a manga and anime entertainment company, is looking for an editor. The job includes editing manuscripts, proofreading, working with freelancers and designers, writing catalog copy and more. They are looking for someone with 2-4 years of equivalent experience. The position is located in San Francisco, CA. (Job Listing)