Editor Jobs

Here are the latest Editor Jobs. This includes jobs copy editors, magazine editors, content editors, proofreaders and more.

Cricket Media is seeking an Assistant Editor. The editor will proof digital content, post calls for submissions, review submissions and more. They are looking for an application with a minimum 2 years of experience in editing and writing. Chicago, IL. (Job Listing)

SmartBrief: Editor: SmartBrief is looking for a full-time Editor to help create email newsletters that summarize news stories for business audiences. (Job Listing)

Patagonia is looking for a Managing Editor. The editor will developer stories for several of the company's print publications, working with freelancers, coordinating editing and proofreading, training new editors and more. They are looking for someone with 10-15 years writing, editing, rewriting, and proofreading experience. Ventura, CA. (Job Listing)

Ziff Davis is looking for a Managing Editor for Geek.com. The position reports to the Executive Editor and leads a team of editors and freelancers. They are looking for a geek with 5+ years of experience ein digital editorial. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

Disney Publishing Worldwide is looking for an Assistant Editor. The editor will report to a senior level Executive Editor and work with talent acquisition and key author care. They will acquire and lead edit 2-3 books per year. They are looking for an editor with 2+ years editing experience. New York, NY. (Job Listing)

No Starch Press is looking for an Associated Editor. The position includes substantive editing, managing relationships with authors, finding new authors and more. They are looking for an editor with a minimum of 3+ years developmental editing experience. San Francisco, CA. (Job Listing)

Atlas Obscura is looking for an Associate Editor. The position involves editing short daily articles and features stories. The editor will also collaborate on special content and other initiatives. The company is looking for an editor with a minimum 3+ years of related experience. Brooklyn, New York (Job Listing)

Medium is looking for Features Editors. There are several features editor positions available including a position with a new business publication and a new general interest publication. The positions are located in New York and San Francisco. (Job Listing)

Apartment Therapy Media is looking for a Freelance Editor, Branded Content. The editor will create content for Apartment Therapy and Kitchn. The position involves about 20 hours per week. They are looking for a n editor with experience editing short narrative writing. NYC. (Job Listing)

BuzzFeed is looking for an Assignment Editor. The editor will review and edit assignments, assign stories and field assignments from contributors. They are looking for someone with 2-4 years of experience as an editor fielding pitches. They want an editor able to identify quality content. New York. (Job Listing)