Scholastic Seeks Associate Editor, DynaMath

Company: Scholastic

Job Title: Associate Editor, DynaMath

Location: New York, NY

Years Experience Required: At least 1 to 2 years editorial experience

Reports To: Editor

Scholastic is seeking an Associate Editor to join DynaMath, the publisher's classroom math magazine for grade 3 through 5. The applicant will work on all component of the magazine including articles, news stories, worksheets, videos, online games, social media posts and more. They are looking for an editor with at least 1 to 2 years of editorial experience.

Scholastic says in its job listing, "This job requires an ability to think creatively to generate visually appealing, kid-friendly stories and come up with ways to use actual data to illustrate skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards for Math. This is a highly collaborative work environment; the right candidate will be eager to join in discussions and brainstorming sessions with coworkers and in a group setting."

Tips for Applicants: A knowledge of math and interest in teaching math concepts will be a plus, including knowledge of Common Core standards

How to Apply: Apply for this job and find more job details.

This job listing was posted on The Write Jobs on September 22, 2019