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Job advertisements may be submitted online using the check or credit card order forms found here. Job Package discounts are available for clients purchasing ten or more job listings. For more information about job packages, please click here.


We also accept text advertorials on To learn more about text advertorials, please request ad rates by requesting our autoresponder. Click here to request a rate card.


We also accept banner advertising on The specs for banner ads are: 728 x 90, maximum size of 20k, gif format, no rich media, no third party ad serving, animations up to three screens are acceptable. If you are using a white background, please put a border on the gif.

Banner ads can be ordered online. Click here for an online banner ad order form.

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To receive rate cards for the other websites in our network, please go here.

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If you have any questions or comments about advertising on The Write JobsTM, please email us at

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